• Approximately 600 members, who represent over 2,000 entrepreneurs and small business people in Georgia
  • Auto brokers are job creators, small business people, taxpayers, and employers
  • Hundreds of jobs created every year by auto brokers
  • All brokers are bonded, insured, inspected, and licensed
  • Instead of using a lot to sell vehicles, Georgia auto brokers sell via:
    • Special orders
    • Autotrader.com
    • Export overseas
    • Broker to dealers
    • Auction arbitrage
    • Dealer lot consignment
    • And more….


Our mission is to assure the continued vitality and competitiveness of the auto dealer industry in Georgia.

The Georgia Auto Brokers Association provides resources for used automobile dealers who do not own physical lots, also known as "auto brokers," particularly in the area of compliance. We also protect against current threats to the viability of the "auto broker" business model in Georgia.   

Auto brokers represent over half of the licensed dealers in Georgia. They serve the state in extremely valuable ways. They are job creators and small business incubators.  Furthermore, auto brokers create efficiency in the Used Auto Dealer Market in Georgia by providing vigorous competition. Competition benefits consumers and the industry at large. GABA is committed to defending any threat to this large cross-section of the used auto industry and the many ancillary industries such as insurance companies, auto auction houses, real estate management companies, and the finance companies which support the industry.


The Georgia Auto Brokers Association focuses its resources towards ensuring the continued vitality and competitiveness of the auto dealer industry in Georgia. We work with top government affairs professionals to defend any threat to the large cross-section of the used auto industry and its many ancillary industries. 

Our lobbying team includes Liz Ernst, who brings over ten years of experience in government and public affairs.  Liz spent the majority of her career spurring the growth of alternative fuel vehicles, clean energy and port-related air quality solutions in California.  Since returning to her hometown of Atlanta in 2015, Liz has helped clients win local elections, provide strategic communications and community outreach, and advance legislative agendas. Liz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and business management from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.